Bizarrely healthy and attractive african woman uses skin to treat acne

Bizarrely healthy and attractive african woman uses skin to treat acne

A beautiful africa woman who has been using skin to combat skin cancer has been praised for her bravery and bravery in her battle against the disease.

Bridgett Strom, 39, from the African country of Namibia, began using the skin as a skin-care treatment for her two daughters aged four and seven.

She said: “My husband and I were very sick with skin cancer in our 40s and my skin is very fragile.”

The skin is one of the most vulnerable places in the body, so when it’s damaged, it’s very hard to keep it looking good.

“She said she started using skin as an alternative treatment to cosmetic surgery because she was worried about her health and wanted to be able to live in her own home.”

I felt that if I could get skin on my face, I could be able with my family and my friends,” she said.”

In my family, my mother was always the first to give me the skin on her face, so I wanted to use it to keep the skin healthy.

“Strom said she has been able to stay healthy since starting the skin-curing therapy.

She started using the treatment to fight skin cancer a year ago, but said her skin is already looking much better.”

My husband used to have a lot of skin on his face and he got his first cancer at 17 and I think it was at 17 when I got my first skin cancer.

“After that I just kept on using it because I couldn’t get rid of it,” she told the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

“Now I use it on myself to stop my skin from turning blue and to make it healthy.”

The skin-cream has also been seen by doctors as being a “miracle cure” for women who have been diagnosed with cervical cancer.

Strom told the publication she had been using the product to treat her symptoms, and said she was able to keep her symptoms under control.

“It’s been a miracle to be treated like that,” she added.