New research finds ‘skin-loving’ beauty products have ‘a much greater impact’ than you think

New research finds ‘skin-loving’ beauty products have ‘a much greater impact’ than you think

Researchers have found that some beauty products are as effective at removing blemishes as they are at brightening the skin tone, but are not as effective as you might think.

The research, published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, looked at the impact of nine beauty products from a range of brands, including Neutrogena, Clinique, L’Oreal, COSRX, MAC, Benefit and CoverGirl.

The study looked at nine products from nine brands that were tested on the basis of their efficacy against the two most common types of skin blemish, rosacea and non-acne.

For example, one product tested against rosaceas, a type of acne that occurs on the skin and usually affects young people.

Researchers found that three products tested against non-blisters, or those that don’t cause the skin to peel, were equally effective at helping the skin shed oil and keeping the skin looking healthy.

The products also provided some benefit in the fight against acne, as well as the skin’s ability to retain moisture, says lead researcher Susanne Kretschmann.

“Our findings suggest that cosmetics with a ‘skin loving’ character are not necessarily as effective or as effective in helping reduce the appearance of acne as we thought,” she says.

The researchers found that one product was as effective against rosettes as the other two.

They also found that all products tested provided a boost to the skin, even ones that are known to cause rosophila hyperthermia, which causes excessive sweating.

“The research shows that skin-loving cosmetics are effective at fighting the symptoms of rosophobia and can also help prevent acne,” says study co-author Shira Kattner.

While the research is exciting, there are some caveats to consider.

“While this research has provided some useful data, it is important to remember that the benefits of these products do not apply to everyone.

They are also not ideal for every skin type, and it is not clear how effective they will be in everyone,” says Kretszmann.

She adds that there is also an important caveat to consider with cosmetics.

“Some people may find the product they are using too greasy and may find that it helps with their rosaceous symptoms,” she explains.

This means it is better to avoid using the product at all times, rather than just after you have used it, and to avoid over-treating your skin, says Kretzmann, and even when the product is used properly.

“It is important for patients to discuss their acne before starting a skin-care regimen with a dermatologist,” she adds.

“Avoiding the appearance and removal of rosetas is important in order to keep your skin healthy, so that you can achieve the ideal skin tone for your body type.”

To read the full study, go to The Journal of American Academy: Dermatological Sciences.

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