‘The Best Beauty Skin’ Tijuana’s ‘The Beauty Skin of the World’ – Photo

‘The Best Beauty Skin’ Tijuana’s ‘The Beauty Skin of the World’ – Photo

TIJUANA, Mexico (AP) “The best beauty skin” is a phrase that is everywhere.

That’s because in this tiny Mexican town of just over 40,000 people, it’s what the town’s beauty shop has become.

“I think it was really good,” said shop owner Lourdes Perez.

“You don’t see many places that have that much talent and that much money.”

But it’s a word that’s rarely heard in the region where a culture of beauty is growing thanks to the global beauty trend, and that’s what is driving the shop to make a name for itself.

The shop, called “The Beauty” by Perez, is the brainchild of a group of six sisters who have been traveling around Mexico City for years.

The sisters say they’ve been living with the same idea: “We wanted to bring the best of Mexican beauty, culture and cuisine into the U.S.,” Perez said.

“The name of the shop, The Beauty, means you are in the best part of Mexico, and it is very important for us to represent that.”

A small market, with a very good selection of skin products, the shop is a small part of the region’s beauty scene, but it is one of the most successful and popular.

The “The beauty” shop is located in a small market in the northern part of Tijuana, where there are no stores, and only a small grocery store and a butcher shop.

Perez and her sisters are a mix of Mexican, American, and Japanese.

Perez said that many of her customers are Americans.

She said her customers love her homemade cosmetics, as well as her American-made products.

“They are very well informed and they know all about the beauty products,” she said.

The store sells everything from face creams to facial masks, and the shop has a selection of products, including lip balms and hand creams.

Perez, who is originally from the U, has worked in Mexico City since 2006.

“It was not an easy decision to move here, but I knew we could do it,” Perez said, referring to moving to Tijuana in 2013.

Perez has lived in Mexico for four years, and she is now the owner of her own small business.

Perez says that although the shop was born in the U., it’s been in the country for a while.

“When I arrived here, I didn’t know anything about Tijuana at all,” she told the AP.

“But when I started doing research, I learned all the things that I could learn.”

Perez said her sister, a woman named Angel, had worked in a beauty salon in Tijuana for several years.

She came to Tijuca and brought her with her to the U and began working at the shop.

Angel Perez says she has seen many beauty products sold in the Tijuana market.

She says she was inspired by the Japanese cosmetics company “Bonsai,” which sells high-quality and well-made skincare products.

Perez believes that the beauty shop could also be seen as a cultural hub for Mexicans.

“Mexicans are not accustomed to being able to have their own beauty product, but we know how to make them,” she explained.

“This is what we’re trying to create here.”

The shop has already received a lot of attention.

On Facebook, the women have received more than 60,000 likes, with comments praising the shop and their products.

Many of the comments have been positive.

“My customers love my products,” one wrote.

“If I could give you five more hours I would give you more products,” another said.

In addition to selling products from the shop’s collection, the sisters also carry makeup and face creaks at the counter, but their main focus is the products themselves.

“We love to show the best products, to give our customers the best choices,” Perez explained.

The women are very good with the shop; their customers are always coming in and buying their products, and they have received a great response.

“For a very long time we haven’t been able to sell products here because of the competition, but the customers are very supportive,” said Perez.

Perez hopes to have her store open in about six months.

“Tijuana is very small and we have a lot to learn, but hopefully this will change the way people think about beauty products.”

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