How to save money and stay healthy without skincare products

How to save money and stay healthy without skincare products

I’ve been using skincares for more than 20 years, but I’m still discovering new ones.

Here are some of my favorites.


Aloe Vera Gel It’s a little pricier than the usual gel, but the Aloe vera gel is great for your skin.

It’s thick, moisturizing, and effective at treating dark spots and acne.

It comes in a small jar, and you can buy two.


Alkaline Cleanser A popular cleansing product, this gel is thick and light.

You can wash it under water or use it on a damp towel to cleanse.


Alkahest Skin-O-Matic This cleanser is great because it’s thick and absorbs quickly.

It also has an extra benefit, it reduces redness, so it can be used as a facial mask, or even as a moisturizer.


Hydrating Oils This is a light-weight oil that contains Vitamin E, which helps prevent breakouts and even out skin tone.


Emulsion Emulsion is an emulsion that combines several oils to create a more even, velvety texture.

It absorbs quickly and works on the skin’s outer layer.


Vitamin C & E It’s also great for skin-care because it reduces wrinkles and dark spots.


BHA’s You can also get the BHA formula.

It has an oil-free formulation, which is better for oily skin types.


Shea Butter & Aloe This is an excellent, lightweight moisturizer for dry skin.

This cream is rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants, and it works as a skin cream and also as a makeup remover.


Mizon Beauty Gel This is the same product as the Emulsion & Emulsion but it’s also made with coconut oil.

It can be applied to dry or oily skin to add moisture and help brighten it. 10.

Neutrogena Moisturizing Gel This gel contains antioxidants and has a light, hydrating feel.

It is also good for oily and dry skin types, and works as an exfoliant.


BH Cosmetics Moisture-X Skin Cleansing Mask This mask is the standard for those looking for an affordable, natural mask.


Ozone Booster This is not the best mask for those who have oily skin, but it does contain antioxidants and is effective for dry and combination skin types as well.


Skin-Softening Mask It’s an emulsifier and works by absorbing oil.

This masks the oil and moisturizes your skin, while adding a natural, hygienic feel.


Vitamin E Mask This is one of the best masks for those with oily skin.

Its emulsifying qualities make it easy to use on the face, neck, and upper body.


Neopentyl Glycol Moistion This moisturizer works as the base for a lot of skincars.

It provides a light moisturizing and has great pH. 16.

Bioderma Essential Oil This oil is great in many skincar products.

It hydrates, helps control shine, and can reduce breakouts.


Alkyl Acrylate Liquid This is similar to an essential oil, but more affordable.

It helps to tone, tone, and soften skin.


Shea Moistura Powder This is used in many skin products, but its formula is more concentrated and effective than other powders.


Shea Pore Lotion This is good for dry or combination skin.

As a mask, it helps with dark spots, acne, and redness.


Clarisonic Acid Cleansers These cleansing cleansers are made of a liquid with the amino acids clarine and arginine.

They work as an emollient and can also be used to remove makeup.


Nourishing Cleanses This cleansers contain hyaluronic acid and glycolic acid.

They help to restore skin tone, especially dry skin, and have antioxidant properties.


Hydrogel This hydrogel is made of hydrophobic material that acts as a hydration barrier and hydrator.


Serum Icing Serum is an awesome cleansing serum that helps to keep skin hydrated and healthy.


Niacinamide Serum This moisturizing serum contains Niacine, which increases skin’s ability to retain moisture.


Shea Soap Hydrating Moistursum This hydrators skin soaps well, and its formula contains jojoba oil.


Shea Creams & Oils Moistures Moistening moisturizers that contain jojaba oil. 


Shea Oil Soap Moisturing soaps that contain Shea butter, jojara oil

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