‘Proud to be Indian’: Woman shares photo of herself in the ‘beautiful indian’

‘Proud to be Indian’: Woman shares photo of herself in the ‘beautiful indian’

The first Indian woman to be featured on the cover of the “Beautiful Indian” issue of the New York Times is proud to be an Indian.

The photo, taken by photographer Tania Jain, was taken at a photo booth in the “India” section of the Times.

Jain, who is originally from Bihar, has lived in the U.S. for the past six years.

She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in journalism at Columbia University and a journalism fellowship at the New School.

Jaine, who grew up in the small town of Nandigram in the northeastern state of Uttar Pradesh, said she has had to learn a lot about how to interact with others in the community in the last year.

“Being Indian, it was hard for me to understand why other Indians didn’t understand,” she said.

“So when I was asked to write the story, I was really happy to be included in it.

I felt it was a reflection of my community and my community’s community.”

Jain said she had initially thought her photo would be a “blip” in the Indian media, but it quickly became a trending topic on social media.

Her photo, which shows Jain in a traditional attire, has already been shared more than 400,000 times and was shared over 3 million times on Instagram.

In addition to Jain’s photo, the issue includes interviews with three people who were photographed wearing traditional Indian clothing in the Times photo booth, as well as a story about the plight of a community living in a “toxic environment.”

“The fact that they were also wearing traditional clothes made me feel proud and excited to be a part of this story,” Jain said.

The New York-based publication hopes that the images of the three people will inspire others to embrace their traditional clothing.

“I believe the photographs of the women and the men in traditional clothing will encourage more people to embrace the traditional Indian way of life,” said editor-in-chief of the paper, David Halperin.

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