Which of the new beauty products you want to buy this holiday season?

Which of the new beauty products you want to buy this holiday season?

I bought two new products this week that I love.

My favorite is the new Tarte lip gloss that I’m super excited about.

The other is the gorgeous silky smooth Skin Milk lipstick.

The Beauty Skin Milk is a lip gloss and liquid lipstick that’s a perfect choice for fall.

It’s super pigmented, has a gorgeous shimmery finish and dries down to a soft, creamy matte finish.

I love the subtle matte finish that makes it a perfect fall beauty product.

I’ve already used this in other places on my lips and they were absolutely gorgeous!

The Tarte Lip Gloss is a liquid lipstick with a beautiful golden shimmer.

I like how it dries matte and has a slight shimmer.

The silky finish makes it look creamy and silky.

It’s definitely a must have if you love the silky and pigmented look.

I’m already using this on my chin and it looks so great.

The Skin Milk Lipstick is also an amazing color.

It has a slightly metallic, shimmery sheen that I adore.

I use this to highlight my lips, cheekbones and on my nose and I love how it feels so silky on my skin.

The formula is a little bit thinner than my lipsticks but it drips down to the base of my lips which makes it great for blending with a lip balm.

I also used the Skin Milk in my eye shadow palettes.

It dries on the lid, but it’s definitely easier to apply than my other liquid lipsticks.

The skin feels so soft and velvety on my eyes and cheeks.

I think this will definitely be a new favorite for fall!

I think the new Beauty Skin Creamy Liquid Lipstick looks amazing.

It is super pigmentation-rich and super pig-free.

I used it in my lip color collection to highlight the skin and I absolutely love the metallic, sheen on my cheeks and lips.

I also love the formula and the silken texture that makes the lip stick feel super smooth.

I would love to try the Skin Cream to my lips in the future.

Skin Milk is now available at Nordstrom and Sephora. 

Beauty Skin Cream is also available now at Sephorbs.com. 

The new Temptress Liquid Lip Pencil is now on sale for $8.99 at SepHora.com The Beauty Liquid Lipsticks are now on Sale at Sephuartes.com